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J. Reed Anderson

"[L]eftism was invented for an era when people generally had jobs, but were exploited at those jobs."
The anarchists and their offspring, the anarcho-syndicalists brought us unions during this period, too. What model existed for a relationship between employer and employee until that time? The feudal system. And now, because of them, we no longer have wide-spread, systemic exploitation, at least here in the West of the worker. Of the corporate system, well that's a different proposition. And of those fortunate enough to work in a private sector profession that requires paying of income tax, I think there's good evidence of the currently exploited.

John Pepple

Corporate system? I'm not quite sure what you're getting at in the last two sentences. Do you want to elaborate?

J. Reed Anderson

That the corporate system is now the exploited. Indeed, it is business in general that is exploited. Mom & Pop's Hardware is, according to progressives and exemplified by the OWSers' disregard for windows, no less a corporate monolith than GE. Businesses are exploited as a means of distributing wealth to members of government agencies who then, of benevolence, we see that 20-40 percent reaches the poor.

John Pepple

Ok, now I get it. Thanks.

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