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Kevin Stroup

The police will not keep you from getting harmed. They will show up AFTER the fact and stop the perpetrator. But they WILL NOT STOP you from being harmed. Only you can do that. If your assailant is armed you better be too.

Why does our Constitution allow citizens to carry guns? Very simply, so they can stop criminals (other citizens or tyrannical government). Thats right, so they can stop the LAWLESS. The 2nd Amendment keeps the other amendments alive and well. Ask the Chinese at Tienaman Square how well slogans work against the tyrranical Communist regime.

General Von Moltke of WW1: "Against the French ideals of liberty, fraternity, and equality, we oppose the German realities of infantry, artillery and cavalry."

Why was it against the law to allow a black person to possess a weapon in the South prior to 1865? The NRA, thats right - the very same gun nuts- fought like hell to get blacks the right to own firearms and prevent that right from being taken from them at various times after 1865, most notably in the late 1960s following the riots. Self defense is a civil right.


Late 60s, the start of deinstitutionalization.

70s, more of the same. Personally, I'd say it was the 70s when the wheels came off.

80s and 90s when it was decided the dosing the unruly kids was superior to discipline in schools. I find it remarkable that we have volumes of studies that show the human brain isn't fully developed until the early 20s and yet we're willing to play with the brain chemistry during a time when their bodies are a hormonal hurricane using drugs that were tested on laboratory animals or a tiny subset of carefully chosen human subjects in clinical trials.

The 2010 numbers are frightening considering we're only 1/3 of the way thru.

John Pepple

deadcenter: But the 70s and subsequent decades were influenced by what had happened in the 60s, so I'd still say it's the 60s when things started going wrong.

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