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Kevin Kim

Could "flaming the ear" be this?

Turkish barber ear hair removal: http://youtu.be/qlmGGVQeU4E

Here in South Korea, front-loading washers also take about 90 minutes on the normal cycle, as opposed to 30 minutes for an American top-loader. Such washers' claim to fame is that they use less water than top-loaders, but much effectiveness is lost in the name of efficiency.


England, 50 years behind and working half days to catch up. As you've discovered the shortest distance between two points does not exist in England, or if it does it is a closely guarded state secret. In our two years there my wife and I found the only palatable food was in the Pubs.

John Pepple

Kevin Kim: I think you're right about this flame-the-ear business, but boy, does that look scary!

Ugh, I hope we in America don't have those front-loaders forced upon us.

John: I will say this for England. When we were here twenty years ago, the shops all closed early, but now there is a Sainsbury's near us that stays open till midnight. Plus, we did find a good place to eat in Bath, at a place called Sally Lunn's. But even that disappointed us the last time we were there.

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