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Barbara Bumgardner

My mother was also from East Prussia and she and her family spoke German and identified with Germans, but my DNA shows only 2% Western European and 47% Eastern European with the balance being Scandinavian and British. There is even 1% Jewish to make it all even more interesting.My husband's showed mostly British with 10% Irish being listed separately. It's all pretty interesting. Have you learned any more?

John Pepple

Well, I found this site:


It doesn't list Swedish, but it does list Danish and Finnish, and a comparison of the two shows that Finns have a northeast Asian component that the Danes don't have. It comes from the Saami (or Laplanders, as they used to be called). So, I guess that's where my East Asian component comes from, too, since there are Saami in Sweden as well as Finland.

It is all very interesting, and thanks so much for sharing!

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