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"At the very least, then, there is no political payoff in supporting Muslims since they aren’t interested in repaying that support with support for other leftist projects."

There is only one overarching leftist project: the destruction of Western civilization. To that project, reactionary Muslims are extremely useful.

Charles N. Steele

I like that book title.

However, the labels "left" and "right" for various kinds of Islam is an unwarranted. It's misleading enough when applied to Western political positions. Islamists actually have a great deal in common with today's left; in particular they both are totalitarian and opposed to individual liberty. Islamo-fascism is an apt term. And like the Nazi and Marxist totalitarians, they are capable of uniting temporarily against common opponents, e.g. real liberals (which in the West sometimes includes some conservatives, confusingly enough). But only one vision can ultimately rule, so any alliance is certainly only temporary.

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