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Charles N. Steele

Left, right, center, ordinary... None of that is relevant. Those distinctions are meaningless to the followers of mohammed (to hell with him). Non-muslims, infidels, Westerners, that's who they kill, and it is *why* they kill them. Submit or die.

The left is not going up figure this out, because they've adopted multiculturalism and hatred of Western civilization as articles of faith. Here's hoping the rest of the world that is figuring this out will be able to overcome the left in time to do something about it.

Kevin Stroup

The left hates Western Civilization and the white people who make it. Why are we importing millions of 3rd world people into our countries who have no intention of adapting to our culture but seek to overthrow it? You never hear any calls for Asia or Africa to open up and let other races into their countries, now do you? Why is that? The left has no problem with La Raza or the The New Black Panther Party, but they resent white people voting for their own percieved interest. The left is totalitarian, is it any wonder they side with muslims who are totalitarian also?

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