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Congratulations on soloing... the first step. One observation (pun intended), about finding other aircraft as you search for them. It is a skill that takes some development. We seem to train our brain to focus on a particular area, with an expectation something is there. While picking up a small little dot is hard, it seems to be harder if you focus on an area. I've found scanning in broader areas helps me to pick out the target.

Good luck with this new journey.

Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

There is a shortage of pilots? This contradicts information I have heard that small airlines (e.g., Colgan Air) pay their pilots very little.
As [Buffalo] News Washington bureau chief Jerry Zremski’s article showed, there has been a significant drop in pilot salaries nationwide. Average starting salaries for pilots in a survey of 14 regional airlines are $24 an hour. Rebecca L. Shaw, co-pilot of Flight 3407, made about $16,000 in her first year at Colgan Air, the Continental contractor that operated the aircraft.

And she couldn’t afford to live near her job. As earlier News reports indicated, Shaw commuted from Seattle to her airline job in Newark. That meant a redeye flight to New Jersey before starting her day co-piloting a plane full of passengers.

John Pepple

Thanks for the link, Mark. All I've heard about is a pilot shortage. I've heard that some regional airlines have gone under because they couldn't find pilots, and an event like that will depress pay, of course. I've heard that one pipeline for pilots, the military, isn't supplying as many pilots as it used to, and that lots of pilots are on the verge of retirement. I also read an article somewhere very recently that said there are plenty of jobs for pilots in China.

I don't know what to make of your article. Yes, pay is bad the first year at a regional, but it's supposed to go up nicely after that.

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