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J. Reed Anderson

I have a good friend who came from Cuba in the 1980s. He can tell you all about health care in Cuba; he still has family there. There is health care for the rich and European, and one for Cubans, and that's the version we hear nothing about.

John Pepple

That doesn't surprise me at all.

Charles N. Steele

Very well said. It's astounding that the left calls Trump a new Hitler, while eulogizing a vicious totalitarian dictator. Castro's right hand man, Che “If in doubt, kill him” Guevera, is another darling of the left. It's worth remembering just how evil these people were:


Castro and anti-imperialist? Castro himself was a practitioner of imperialism, sending Cuban troops to Africa to fight for fellow leftists, foreign adventurism paid for by impoverished oppressed Cubans.

Fidel: good riddance. May Raul, Nicolas Maduro, Kim Jong un, and the rest of such thugs join him soon.

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