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Charles N. Steele

Good analysis. Obviously from the standpoint of Islamists, it was an attack *on the West.* the distinctions we make of left, right, and center, are pointless trivia to them, distinctions without a difference. In their book, we are not muslims, we're Christians (whether believers or not) and hence targets.

BTW I have known a number of Germans who are leftists and atheists, and Christmas markets are a popular tradition with them. These are big in German culture regardless of whether one is a Christian.

John Pepple

I hadn't thought of that before, that they regard us as Christians whether we are Christian or not. But yes, that's probably how they think of us.


I agree with Charles Steele. I don't think the radicals really care whether we are left, right or center. They simply want to attack and subjugate the West. Our internecine fights are quite irrelevant to them. We are all equal targets, except to the extent that strategic or tactical considerations may favor a given target at a particular time. None of us should have any illusions that we will be left in peace if we are subjugated.

I often wonder why Leftists refuse to acknowledge the threat of radical Islam, which is one reason I enjoy this blog. Certainly gays and feminists will be among the most heavily persecuted if radical Islam triumphs, and I can't imagine Leftists would approve of that. I fluctuate in my thinking between blindness (e.g., they believe their own rhetoric about "the oppressed" or are more focused on their hatred of the Western right to the exclusion of everything else) and tactics (e.g., "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and radical Islam can't win anyway so an alliance of convenience with them makes sense). On some level, I wonder whether the Leftist belief that we are all creatures of our environment comes into play--i.e., if you bring radicals here they will become just like us because the conditions that made them what they are will no longer be present. In another level, I wonder if it's not simply about gaining power and ending capitalism and individual freedom and replacing them with collective (i.e., their) control of society.

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