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Charles N. Steele

"...those who supported Trump only reluctantly now seem to be more solidly behind him."

This certainly describes me. I opposed Trump, but given the incredible nastiness and lawlessness of Democrats and the left, I am becoming a strong supporter of Trump, who is acting remarkably sensible. No matter what he does, the left scream "racism! Nazism!" and proceeds to march, protest, riot, and generally suggest it will never accept an election it loses, and would just as soon drive those who disagree out of society and enforce total lockstep conformity.

I think the left is committing suicide. Forget eight years, their hysteria, anti-liberalism, and "punching down" may doom them permanently. I certainly hope so.

John Pepple

I myself was ambivalent about Bush's Iraq war, but the stupidity of the leftists opposing it made me actually favor it, to some extent. "Bush is a bully." And Saddam Hussein isn't? Sheesh.

Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

This is tangential to your point, but according to Islamic doctrine, criticism of Muslims by non-Muslims is punching up, not down. This is because Muslims are "the best of peoples", while non-Muslims (kafirs) are "the worst of creatures".

John Pepple

If only we could get through to leftists on that point.

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