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Charles N. Steele

I think you and Stein are right, but also, any attention to a different culture can be attacked as "appropriation" and hence "racist." Whether attention is considered an homage to "diversity" or "racist appropriation" is entirely arbitrary. So why risk it?

Eric Wilner

This brings to mind Flanders and Swann's "Philological Waltz":

John Pepple

Thanks, Eric Wilner. I had never heard of these guys before, but they are quite clever.

john from daejeon

The biggest music hit ever is South Korean. Maybe you've heard of it, GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일), and PSY. The single has been viewed in the neighborhood of 3 billion times on Youtube. Another big hit from the 90's was from Los Del Rio called "Marcarena."

Here are the two links:

The "Marcarena" link is the English language cut, yet it still maintains its Spanish origin. Es una cosa buena.

John Pepple

Thanks for reminding me.

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