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Charles N. Steele

One needs to be cautious in trying to make too much sense of a person's public pronouncements. People lie. She may have claimed she was against religious tyranny and didn't mean to help it, but her actions show she was lying.

She was a terrorist, and now she can do no more harm. Good riddance.

John Pepple

Re: public pronouncements. Yes, absolutely. There was a radical leftist whose name I've forgotten but who, if I remember correctly, was wanted, but was not found for the longest time. She got married, had kids, and then somehow was found. This was the late 1990s, and she lived in St. Paul. (My wife and I drove past her house when we were visiting the area.) At some point, she made some declaration in court, and then went outside and contradicted it in a press conference. The judge was furious.


Committed Leftists of Ms. Stewart's ilk are Leftists before they are anything else. Their supposed support for women, gays, etc. will always take a back seat to their Leftism. They will throw women and gays under the bus all day long to advance Leftism. Above all else, Leftists hate the West and capitalism. As such, they will sell out women and gays in a heartbeat to get in bed with enemies of the West.

John Pepple

I'm inclined to agree. However, in Iran after the Shah was evicted, leftists realized after about a month that an alliance with Muslims had been a terrible decision. I assumed leftists everywhere and not just in Iran had figured this out, and was wholly surprised after 9/11 when leftists here in the West decided that they were going to defend Muslims. It's as though no one on the left remembered how the Nazis had betrayed them in June of 1941.


Idealogues will do almost anything to avoid changing their minds. That is why, when confronted with indisputable facts that contradict their cherished nostrums, most will deny the facts before they change their minds. The hard Left will NEVER learn the lesson of what happened to their intellectual forefathers in Iran. They will die before they learn. They cannot learn because they will not learn. They are hopeless. Fortunately, not many people will willingly ride the bus off the cliff with them, since most people do have an innate sense of self preservation, if nothing else. The hard Left cannot be converted; it can only be marginalized.

John Pepple

Unfortunately, you're probably right. Before the election, I had a dispute with some reader who was unaware of the catastrophe in Iran, and when I informed him (her?) of it, he wondered what the left there had done to provoke the Muslims. I can't imagine any leftist saying that if Christians had murdered leftists. You have to be awfully far gone in Islamophilia to take their side against your own side.

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