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Charles N. Steele

No one needs it. The humanities have been perverted into exercises in self-indulgent navel-gazing and leftist propaganda. This is satisfying for humanities professors but of no use to anyone else, and humanities programs should be defended. Given the hostility to Western civilization now promoted in the humanities, this should happen sooner, rather than later, if we expect civilization to survive.

This is unfortunate, because properly done, the humanities are quite valuable. But post-modernism, deconstructionism, critical theory, and all that garbage turned them into intellectual poison.

Charles N. Steele

In my previous comment, where it says "defended" it should read "defunded." Colleges that teach nonsense should lose their tax funding, including access to student loans. Why should taxpayers be compelled to pay for nonsense to be spouted by people who despise them?

John Pepple

Certainly the Women's Studies programs should be defunded. They are the ones who should be screaming loudest against bringing in more Muslims, given their track record of horrible incidents against women, but instead they are silent.

Maya M

And as you wrote somewhere else, how on Earth do you seek a job with a "Women's Studies" diploma in your hand? If I were an employer, I'd prefer an honest high school diploma.

John Pepple

Yes, the only jobs either have very low pay (like someone working at a women's shelter) or else require a Ph.D. from an elite school, which not many will even be able to get into.

Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

On the intersectionality of "Women's Studies" and "Medieval", I wonder what, in these academic get-togethers, the prominence is of

John Pepple

You can do a search here:


There's a dance and music performance dedicated to her life. I haven't checked other years to see if there are any sessions on her. Probably there are.

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