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Maya M

"...leftists today, if you criticize Islam’s treatment of women, will accuse you of hate speech, but if you do not criticize it, will accuse you of sexism."

I don't think anyone will criticize you for sexism if you do not criticize Islam's treatment of women. They will criticize you only if you do not criticize the treatment of women by white men of Christian heritage.

John Pepple

Based on their principles, it is open for them to criticize you in this way. Today, of course, they won't do it, but it's possible that they will someday.

Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

==QUOTE== we usually reserve that term ["hypocrite"] for someone who promotes a principle in words, but not in deeds. ==UNQUOTE
No, someone who does not practice what he preaches is not (necessarily) a hypocrite. A hypocrite is someone who pretends to be morally good, but isn't. Someone who falls short of his own ideals, and admits it, is not a hypocrite.

John Pepple

Fair enough, though those people are mighty rare, in my experience.

Charles N. Steele

One very useful tool for controlling people is to make them feel guilty. As a political strategy, setting up a conceptual framework where the individual is guilty of something no matter what can make sense for those who aspire to authoritarianism...e.g. today's left.

John Pepple

Excellent point, Charles!

Charles N. Steele

I wonder if this is another reason for the left's sympathy for Islam. Maybe some figure Islamists are useful as temporary allies, but when the time comes they can shame Muslims into better behavior.

But Islamists have the power that comes with moral certitude, so good luck with that.

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