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Charles N. Steele

Friedrich Hayek edited a short book "Capitalism and the Historians" that addresses this. Most of the essays are by accomplished historians, and it directly addresses your question.

Douglass North and Joel Mokyr have both written important works on why & how economic growth began in the west. Rozenberg and Birdzell ("How the West Grew Rich") have an excellent treatment of the origins of growth and how it ended the norm of poverty.

McCloskey and Floud ("Economic History of Britain since 1700," vol. 1) is relevant.

Deidre McCloskey's work on three books on the "Bourgeois virtues" are also relevant.

But the Hayek book seems directly on target.


Somebody beat me to the punch. Hayek's book was excellent on your questions.

John Pepple

Thanks, guys, I've now read about 60 pages of Hayek's book, and it is indeed what I've been looking for.

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