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Charles N. Steele

You have to be careful to distinguish between Rich Person's Leftism (RPL), which is basically a struggle for personal power, and your vision of leftism, which is an egalitarian concern for poorer people. They aren't the same, obviously.

In the 1930's, leftists (RPLs) claimed to hate fascists until they were told to do otherwise. But it was a very small step for them to ally themselves with fascists, because the two competing ideologies are largely the same -- just competing visions of which particular people will rule, and what "ideal" they'll pay lip service to justify their totalitarian domination...different versions of RPL.
Hence Mussolini was a Marxist until he decided to switch to nationalism as his excuse to dictate. Similarly, Hitler observed it was easiest to recruit new Nazis from communist ranks, because they were so similar.

So it was no big deal for communists in the 1930's to switch from hating the fascists to supporting them, once the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed. It's just a matter of with whom you'll share power...which can always be revised later.

So of course leftists have little difficulty in allying themselves with Islam. To them, it's another totalitarian doctrine (at least many forms of it are). Hitler found it a useful ally; the Waffen SS had several Muslim divisions, and Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem worked together. So why can't today's RPL's do the same?

I think where today's left becomes confused is in thinking Islam is just another version of the struggle for power, and hence similar. They misjudge it. Islamists really believe their doctrines, they have the power that moral certitude brings, and they'll eat their RPL allies alive, should they ever get power.

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