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Charles N. Steele

I just saw an op-ed in Jerusalem Post by an American woman who is feminist & Jewish, and horrified that Islamist Linda Sarsour and convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh are now seen as some sort of feminist icons.

Feminism itself has nothing to do with women's rights. I realized this after many conversations with Russians, Ukrainians, and Bulgarians who were adamantly in favor of women's rights, just as adamantly opposed to feminism, and could explain very well the difference. Western feminists find this incongruous, but apparently find nothing strange about "feminism" that makes common cause with the most misogynistic religious-political philosophy in the world.


That the Mexicans (and other Latin Americans) immigrating to the US are "conservative Christians" is a discredited fairy tale that pro-immigration Republicans, of Jeb Bush's ilk, have been telling themselves for the last few decades. Our recent Latin American immigrants are not particularly religious and not particularly "conservative" in their lifestyle or political orientation (i.e., they have high rates of single motherhood and high expectations of government assistance). The men among these immigrants may, however, have macho, male chauvinist attitudes toward women, so that would support your point.

John Pepple

I concede I am less knowledgeable, because less concerned, about Mexican immigrants than I am about Muslim immigrants.

John Pepple

Charles: regarding Russians, I think that Christina Hoff Sommers said something to that effect about Russian feminists, that they were astonished at (and disapproving of) the direction feminism had taken in the West. It's been a while since I read her book, so don't quote me!

Charles N. Steele

Which book of hers?

(Incidentally, I met her once. Oddly enough, it was when I attended a talk she gave, and prior to the start I began conversing with the person seated next to me and found it was her, just waiting to be introduced. Great talk, BTW.)

John Pepple

"Who Stole Feminism?"

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