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It's understandable why the Left pushes this sort of "art." They want to tear down every aspect of Western civilization to remake it in their image. It's deconstructionism, multiculturalism, etc. projected into the art world. And just like those other isms, everyone else knows it's complete nonsense. I suspect that even Leftists who can manage to remove their ideological blinders for a little while know it, as well.

John Pepple

Of course, there are artists like Thomas Kinkaid who are fighting back. Naturally, leftist critics hated him.

Charles N. Steele

There was a writer, Theodore Shaw, who wrote some remarkable books back in the 50's on art and art criticism. He exposed "modern art" as a pretentious sham, and the same for art criticism. Reading his "Precious Rubbish" and "Critical Quackery" completely changed the way I think of art and aesthetics. Insightful, biting, and very entertaining to boot. (Out of print, but available on Abe Books for cheap.)

Modern art is a complete scam.

John Pepple

Thanks. I'll look for his books and see what they're like.

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