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"What the women players should be doing is the hard work of figuring out why so few women have become fans"

There's no point in that as they know that save for figure skating and gymnastics, most women aren't interested in female spectator sports. Arguing for a pay increase based on gender discrimination is the only leg they have to stand on.

Charles N. Steele

If women soccer players want to draw bigger crowds and be paid more, maybe they should work on their skills until they are good enough to beat junior high age boys.


That might seem like a gratuitously rude comment, but is there any doubt that if a team of women were #1 in the world, they'd pack stadiums and earn enormous paychecks? Meanwhile, men of skill equal to women pros earn much less than the gals do, so perhaps the question should be why men aren't paid enough.

John Pepple

On occasion, they have been able to pack stadiums (especially for the Women's World Cup of 1999). They just can't manage it for play during a regular season.

As for losing to adolescent boys, I don't think their skills were inferior. I think they weren't as fast, probably couldn't jump as high, etc.

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