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Several of these can be quickly solved by having the university co-sign for each and every loan. This would very quickly reprice degrees and also revalidate each student.

Charles N. Steele

Not a bad idea from Marc.

It is utterly stupid that a student who borrows to pay for a degree in transgender studies degree should pay the same interest rate as, say, a student of chemical engineering, since one is a legitimate field whose graduates are very productive and earn high incomes, while the other is idiocy. (And a real thing, unfortunately:


Charles N. Steele

Another idea: simply require students to pay cash for tuition. Get rid of all government loan programs. A private, for-profit loan market would take care of students going into fields such as engineering, medicine, and business, or alternatively businesses could pay students to attend college with an agreement that afterwards they'll work for that business for a stated period of time (something that's already done). Students could borrow for majors that tend to be less useful in preparing for the future (e.g. humanities) but they'd likely face a premium b/c of higher risk of default. So what? Why should that burden be carried by taxpayers? Let the students (and parents) who choose such majors bear the burden.

Private non-profits could finance other areas of interest, anything at all they wished -- just keep the taxpayer out of it.

Ending taxpayer financing of politically correct foolishness would go a long way toward cleaning up academia.

John Pepple

I like it. Yes, just paying cash for tuition would go a long ways toward reducing all the expenses that have been added since my time.

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