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Charles N. Steele

I used to go to a restaurant in Beijing that was popular with Chinese students; it specialized in pizza, and offered:

Russian pizza
American pizza
Mexican pizza
German pizza
Indian pizza
Japanese pizza
Hawaiian pizza, and even
Italian pizza

There seemed vague connections between the pizza ingredients and the national (and state) cuisines, but only the sort of thing one would expect from someone who had never been out of China but had heard that "people in country X eat Y." All very strange stuff, but fun regardless.

Once when we were sitting there, a dramatic looking Chinese man came in. He had long flowing black hair, was wearing a long leather duster and cowboy boots, and when we looked out we saw he'd ridden up on a Harley Davidson.

I think leftists need to go on mission trips outside the country to places like that and give lectures on cultural appropriation.

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