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Maya M

Please don't give them ideas!

John Pepple

Oops, too late. Though I'm sure they're bright enough to think of this on their own.

Charles N. Steele

Unfortunately, what you say makes perfect sense. Islamists are learning that terrorism works, and they will accelerate their use of terror. Your idea of a tit-for-tat response as the only recourse if things go too far also is spot on.

I'm hoping that some -- certainly not the left -- are finally starting to wake up and take action before we get to that point. Trump at least seems hostile to the Islamists. And the actions of the Saudis, Emirates, et al. against Qatar is also promising.

But if the Western world does not get violent with sharia supremacists soon, your scenario will be reality shortly.

Charles N. Steele

Maybe I should add... you've exaggerated the difficulty of working this plot. Blow up just one restaurant a day. One hundred is too many and might trigger a violent response, even from multiculturalist sympathizers. Daily might even been too often...leave people hanging, wondering when the next will come. Terrorism works through fear, not destruction.

John Pepple

Yes, I'm sure there are lots of variations that they could think of.

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