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If you start analyzing and thinking of present day leftism as a fundamentalist religion (which always contain internal contradictions and require a hierarchy), I think you'll find their thinking (if it can be called that) makes a lot more sense, at least in that their central beliefs serves as a form of divine revelation that cannot be questioned.

Charles N. Steele

Good essay. And I think Terry is right; modern left has a religious faith that is insulated from reason.

I think there are a number of reasons Eastern Europeans differ from Western. The experience of communism not only insulated them from the New Left (the pioneers of identity politics). That's basically your point. It also helped make them skeptical of grand govt schemes to "fix" society. And they have more history of conflict with Muslim invaders.

Concerning feminism -- I've had an earful and then some from Russians, Ukrainians, and Bulgarians I've known, both women and men, all of whom are adamantly in favor of women's rights, and all of whom sharply condemned feminism (or Western feminism) for being anti-male. They converted me to their position, too.

Charles N.Steele

There's been an exchange between Bret Stephens and Dennis Pager over Prager's tweet that the western MSM is a greater threat to our civilization than Putin is.

Prager's points are somewhat relevant here, and he cites Murray's book:


John Pepple

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I think the left is like a religion. It's rather depressing that one can't debate their central beliefs without getting screamed at. It's also quite strange that Western leftists can be so clueless about what leftists think in other parts of the world!

Also, I keep wondering if there is a good book arguing against what I believe on Muslims and the West. The book mentioned by Bret Stephens isn't such a book since it's all on Russia and isn't meant to counter Murray's book. Such a book would acknowledge all the leftists who have been murdered by Muslims (especially in Iran) and then explain why we need to like them anyway. Leftists seem to either know about all the casualties and agree with me, or not know about them and make silly arguments about why we should like them. Most Western leftists are in the latter category.

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