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Charles N.Steele

I think you're correct. The "new left" (Frankfurt School, post-modernism, decontructionism, etc.) is a Western phenomenon, as you define "Western." It's also a First World phenomenon, the sort of foolishness that only wealthy societies will support. It's hard to imagine Third World countries subsidizing professors to generate this crap.

In my experience, Russians and other Eastern Europeans are generally immune as well, for reasons I've given in comments on your posts on Murray's "Death of Europe" book.

And certainly leftists in Islamic countries don't fall for the multiculturalist nonsense; its a life and death matter for them,and they know it.

John Pepple

Life and death? Yes, that was the gist of what Karima Bennoune was saying. And I hadn't thought about it before in terms of its being a matter of wealth, but that makes sense. Thanks!

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