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In today's wireless, tech world, I still don't understand why parents of all school-age children aren't demanding access to the "best" of all teachers, pre-K through PhD, for their children delivered bully-free into the confines of their safer, mass shooter-unfriendly, homes. Paying superstar teachers and professors, sports and movie star mega salaries, for their talent seems like a no-brainer for a world wanting to educate children to the best of their abilities (and then some) as the current system is far from fair to those without the means to move into the best school districts and prep schools or send their children to the best universities. Of course, many brick and mortar schools would go out of business, but there would still be the necessity for more specialized schools focusing on those children and young adults with learning disabilities. It would also help those more advanced children advance at their own, faster, pace instead of being reined in with the slower mass of average students. And while many sub-par universities and schools with average and sup-par professors and teachers would cease to exist, they could be reformatted into blue collar, and even some white collar computer and medical, trade schools that would pay students to attend while they learn their crafts and complete their apprenticeships.

But none of this will ever happen, as it's all about the money and teacher union welfare at the expense of our children's futures as John Stossel found out first hand.


I believe John Stossel has been fighting for better schooling and accountability for decades now, but here is a link to one of his better stories: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Stossel/story?id=1701265&page=1

John Pepple

Thanks for your comments. I do hope we move away from the public school system. I used to defend it, but it's so depressingly rigid I can't do it anymore. But a lot of people still love the idea of public schools.


Yes, so many children's futures are ruined thanks to the rigidity of both the public school system and its so-called adult players who care more about money than the children they are entrusted to educate. Why are we still teaching to the lowest common denominator instead of teaching to the best and brightest, or at least allowing competent private companies and hospitals to develop top level science, math, and medical high schools to give children a head start in today's world that has too few of these professionals at present in the U.S. and quite a few other countries?

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