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I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and attended the University of Minnesota where I majored in math with many physics classes taken as well. But this was during the late 60s and early 70s, when much questioning was occurring, and I ended up as a grad student in philosophy. Nevertheless, my comfortable leftist view was shattered in 1976 when a soccer team came to town, and the "open-minded" people I expected to show up at the games stayed away, while the "closed-minded" people showed up instead. A three-year stint in corporate America (as a programmer at NCR Comten) pushed me back towards leftism, till I got my Ph.D. in philosophy and started once again seeing the limitations of leftism, for my time in academia convinced me that leftists were much less committed to those of us from modest backgrounds than they let on.

Along the way I married Sarah Blick, another budding academic, and I was able to give her plenty of advice on how to achieve success in academia. She was sensible enough to take my (and others') advice, and she is now an associate professor of art history at Kenyon College.

Meanwhile, I have been learning Arabic as a sideline, and I have tutored people in it, subbed in college Arabic classes, and did a short stint as a consultant. Mostly, though, I have been developing a new version of leftism, which will be adumbrated in this blog.


Philosophy, soccer, learning foreign languages (currently learning Arabic), reading mysteries.