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Michael Valle

Great article. I was an undergraduate at U of MN from 1989 to 1994. Luckily, I was a liberal, so the nuttiness there wasn't my personal problem, but it did play a role in my eventual conversion.

I was a major in philosophy, and remember my feminism classes there well. They were, as Camille Paglia might say, "positively pickled in political correctness." I entered the campus just after Dworkin and MacKinnon had left.

When Playboy came looking for beautiful Minnesotans, the feminists went ballistic, making it seem as if the brownshirts were on campus.

I began to see my father's conservative, free-market views as a product of his racism and bigotry. My father was amused by it all, but had faith that after I was done I would eventually transcend all of it.

John Pepple

Thanks for the feedback, Michael. I got to the philosophy department at the U. of Minnesota in 1973, and it was pretty normal back then, especially since they were doing analytic philosophy rather than Continental stuff. I shudder to think of what it might be like today.

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