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Michael Valle

Random anecdote about #4:

About ten years ago I was having a discussion with an atheist lesbian radical feminist friend of mine. She told me that she didn't believe in evolution. I asked why. She said evolutionary theory is a means by which the patriarchy is maintained, and must therefore be resisted. I asked what alternative an atheist has. I never got an answer.

#5 has confused me beyond all comprehension for a great many years. The hatred of Christianity and the love of Islam are transparently political, in my humble opinion. Obvious clashes between Islam and Leftism involve widespread attitudes toward homosexuality, theocracy, censorship, blasphemy, punishment, freedom in dress, and on and on and on.

#8 will be a delight insofar as the issue will ultimately be amenable to empirical confirmation or disconfirmation. It will be hard for either side to weasel out of its position on that one. Somebody is going to win big time.

Excellent post!

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