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"But in fact poor people who turn to crime basically rob other poor people"

I hope you're not implying that it is in any way okay to rob wealthier people.

Eric Blair

++ungood. This is thought crime.


didn't critics in the 60's predict exactly this? and get called crypto-nazi's for their troubles?


"didn't critics in the 60's predict exactly this? and get called crypto-nazi's for their troubles?"

Yes, constantly. I lived through those times and I remember very well.

John Pepple

pst314: No, I'm merely pointing out that the poor weren't helped by turning to crime.

james: Yes, probably, but this whole blog is devoted to starting afresh with leftism, with being self-critical and not merely critical of non-leftists.


You write, "poor people who turn to crime basically rob other poor people, which means that the total gain for the poor is zero."

You seem to be implying that if poor criminals would just stop and think, they'd realize victimizing other poor folks was a zero-sum action. But even if that happened, do you think the crooks would decide to forego crime and get legitimate jobs?

Sorry to sound snarky but with logic like this it's no wonder leftist politics produces such consistently marvelous results!


Let me quickly add that I enjoyed most of your points, and wish you the best of luck in trying to get the Left to take a closer look at what it's trying to accomplish.

While I am not optimistic that left and right can find enough common ground to work together on anything significant, hope springs eternal that some miracle will occur.

John Pepple

sf: Thanks for the encouragement.

I assume that poor criminals are self-interested and don't care about their victims.

My point was that from the left's perspective, encouraging crime doesn't help the poor at all and if anything, hurts it. I could have added that robbing a convenience store, say, isn't exactly striking a huge blow against capitalism.


My wife is a housing inspector for the city. The council decided to sponsor internships for high-school aged kids from the inner city (this means black kids, because the Mexican and Asian kids are already working in family businesses).

It was a disaster. The kids don't know how to behave. They use inappropriate language. They don't show up on time. Some of them took the opportunity to steal from the adult employees.

There's a great cultural gap here. One might hope that gap is bridged because welfare reform forced many single black mothers to learn job skills. But one of the first things the Obama administration did was undo the incentives that made welfare reform a success.

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