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But we discovered the racism card is worth more than the sexism card. Because of this the scores are probably roughly equal.

John Pepple

Do you mean leftists realized that they could get more results complaining about racism than they could about sexism? Or that feminists agreed that their concerns were less important than racial concerns? Or something else entirely?


I'm referring to Obama. Male playing the race card handily defeats female playing the gender card.

I think it's just a coordination signal type thing. Leftists have unconsciously noted either that racism charges get more traction or simply decided to be more offended by racism.

For example the big academic job scandals have mainly been about race, not sex. Even Larry Summers mentioned IQ, which is one of the biggies with race as well as sex.

John Pepple

Ok, got it. I thought maybe you were referring to some event a couple decades ago when Muslims told feminists that their harping on the plight of women in the Muslim world was nothing other than cultural imperialism, after which feminists backed off.

If I had been in their place, I would have said, “So what?”

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