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Michael Valle

Excellent post!

Irish Cicero

Chronic Bumperstickerism is no fun. Because I am consservative I get pasted with all kinds of labels that don't apply to me. For example, I'm really good looking.

Okay, that last bit was an exaggeration.

This is an excellent post. Blog of the Week:




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This was how the Left began. People are only seeing it now because the curtains have been removed from those pulling the strings.

It was always like this. People just didn't notice in the past.

Thomas McDonald

Very well stated criticism which shows where the left defeats itself. I consider myself left of center, however, for all the reasons you've stated here, I feel alien from most these days who wear 'leftist' on their sleeves.

John Pepple

Thomas McDonald: Me too. I think of myself as an egalitarian, but I don't trust the other egalitarians very much, and so I end up siding with the libertarians. Maybe some day the left will reform itself, and I can trust them again.

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Great post, and it's important to focus attention on these tradeoffs rather than having each side just cheer for their own applause lines. Environmentalism and helping the poor, for example, are both great applause lines on their own. But folks are often too busy fighting against the villains on the right who oppose both to stop and notice the inherent contradictions between the two.

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