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It is hard to decipher irrational hate, John.


The 'irrational hate' charge is probably just being lazy, though. We don't randomly start hating things - there's always some reason, some cause, no matter how bad that reason is.

John Pepple

Well, I suppose it's the idea that the suburbs were where the "racist" whites escaped to to get away from blacks. And maybe other things, too. Good point. And thanks for all the comments on my other posts.


A consistent theme with your blog seems to be a leftist inability to deal with tradeoffs.

If Muslims are bad for the right they must be good for the left. If pricey gas is good for the environment it can't be bad for the poor.

So taking this and your point about racism, if moving to the suburbs is racist, it can't be good for the environment. Sounds a plausible explanation to me.

And you're welcome. I like to leave lots of comments to get statistics on my side. If you have lots to choose from, it's more likely you'll find one you like. ;)

John Pepple

"A consistent theme with your blog seems to be a leftist inability to deal with tradeoffs."

That could very well be. I read Thomas Sowell a lot, and that's probably where I picked up the idea, because he emphasizes it very frequently.

Keep the comments coming. I've been enjoying them, even when I haven't agreed.

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