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It's time to stop trying to reason with the liberal elites dabbling in this madness. Since they're not thinking rationally here, there's no reason they'll compromise rationally in political discussion.


Jim S.

Good post. The thing that frustrates me the most about all of this is that we just went through eight years of flat-out assassination fantasies directed towards Bush, and NOW there's a climate of hate? There's such a shocking lack of self-awareness here I'm not sure what to think about it. Do they not realize they're applying blatant double standards? Do they not remember the vitriol directed towards Bush? How could anyone be so out of it to not realize these things? And assuming that they don't realize them is the kindest thing we can say, since the alternative is that they are dishonest and using a tragedy to score political points while knowing it's inappropriate.

John Pepple

Yes, I absolutely agree. The best I can make of it is they don't understand the power they hold. When I was a more or less orthodox leftist, I thought the left had no power, but as my position slowly shifted, I realized that the left had quite a bit of power. I posted about this a while back.



Adding to your comment, would the leftists making these delirious false charges also argue that we should try to reason with Loughter now that he has revealed himself?

Absolutely not.

...why, then, should we reason and compromise with leftists with similar delusional thought processes?

Screw compromise. We need to vote in solid fiscally conservative gov'ts and let the real leftist whining begin.

John Pepple

I'd also like to see a more neutral MSM.

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