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Mike Valle

Loving it! Keep up the great work!


This is simply outstanding.

The inability to engage in self-criticism is fatal. The Left is much, much weaker because of it. It leads them to credulously swallow the most astonishing drivel.

John Pepple

Yes, it's true. I try to educate liberals and leftists with my blog, but of course not many will look at it.

John Pepple

Oops, that was directed to Borepatch.

Thanks for being such a faithful reader, Mike.

Chris Byrne


Ever have a serious conversation with a hard multi-culti leftist about muslim "extremists"?

They honestly don't believe the muslims mean what they say.

When they say "we want you all to convert or die", they simply assume it is inflammatory rhetoric for a political purpose.

See, they don't have any beliefs they would be willing to kill or die for... nothing they could ever conceive of that was more important than their number one consideration: THEM

... and they think everyone else is just like them.

This essential narcissism makes it impossible for them to conceive that anyone else could be any different.. could possibly MEAN IT when they say things like that.

You talk to them and they say "Oh they don't really mean that. IT's just political posturing"... and you simply cannot convince them otherwise.

John Pepple

Thanks for your input, Chris. What you have observed would fall under my explanation #10. Others may actually believe what the Islamists are saying, but think they couldn't possibly be a threat against the "all-powerful" West. And other explanations are possible, as I've been suggesting.

It's a very strange phenomenon.

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