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Bradley J Borougerdi


I do enjoy your blog when I have time to read it, but I am starting to think that you are really a conservative who is pretending to be a leftist. I like your criticism of the left, but how about some criticism of the right? You seem to think that the right is much better than the left, so why not call yourself a conservative. What is it that makes you left-wing?

John Pepple

I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Brad. To answer your questions, I don't bother criticizing the right because the purpose of my blog is to reform the left, so naturally I focus on criticizing the left rather than the right.

Against libertarianism, I think I did once point out that libertarians talk about freedom, but it's unclear what this means. If it means freedom to elect one's political leaders, including lawmakers, then it's entirely possible that those lawmakers will make laws that are not at all libertarian in spirit. If it doesn't mean such a freedom, then those living in such a system would be less free than they could be.

As for conservatism, I accept the standard leftist argument that says that when conservatism prevails, lots of unfair practices and customs remain in force.

My beef with the left is that they have no idea how much unfairness exists. In my book on soccer, for example, I talked about school sports. Obviously, these are unfair. Our schools emphasize two sports, football, which privileges the big, and basketball, which privileges the tall. Obviously, this is unfair to a lot of people who aren't the right size for those sports. Yet, I don't know of a single liberal or leftist in this country who wants to change this.

Another type of unfairness is what I ran up against in academia, in which people from the best schools, who tend to be rich, stomp all over those of us who went to lesser schools, who tend to be poorer, when we submit articles to journals for publication. Instead of demanding changes in peer review, however, liberals and leftists are constantly invoking peer-reviewed research as proof that global warming is occurring.

There are lots of other instances of unfairness in academia, but the left is generally silent about it.

I hope this explains where I'm coming from. By the way, no one who reads my book on soccer (available from Amazon) would ever think I'm on the right.

Bradley J Borougerdi

Thanks for the post, John. I think I am going to go buy your book.

John Pepple

I will appreciate it if you do.

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