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Bradley J Borougerdi

The group that wrote this is clearly an American organization. Racism in the sense in which they speak is an American phenomenon. I sometimes have a hard time explaining this concept to my students, but the same misunderstanding occurs in black nationalism. People like Malcolm X used the term brother to designate his relationship with another black man, without understanding that this shared oppression based on skin color is particularly American and does not exist outside of the American Nation-st. Africans, in other words, would not agree they they werer brothers with African Americans (or other Africans either).

And white people have not experienced "privilege" throughout history. This is clearly not a historical group, for they would know better than to make such a bad statement. White supremacy had to be learned, and was learned by the 17th century. Before that, race was not an issue. One can find a great deal of evidence from the middle Ages of painting depicting white and black on an equal playing field. The process of enslavement brought racism. Whites needed a labor source, and Africans were available, so they created racism to solidify a labor source.

I agree with your comments, except that you should not designate the 1960s as the end of this discrimination, for it was clearly going on up until the early 80s. Now, all that is left are a bunch of old racists who cannot act on their convictions, or subliminal racist who keep it to themselves because they fear what will happen to them if they act on their beliefs in society.


What's weird is that my ancestors didn't own slaves, and cleared farmland by themselves, using axes.

I quite frankly reject the term "privileged" when my father was the first to get a college education.

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And what we want to see is true substantive power-sharing negotiations so that they can agree on a cabinet, and so that Zimbabweans can feel that they have a future

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