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Your roommate probably took a group IQ test, such as the Cogate. Most of us in the field don't view them with any statistical accuracy. There are very accurate IQ tests out there, but they are administered by psychometricians on a one to one basis.

The research that comes from these are very different, and somewhat stunning.

James Drake

Not quite IQ but a related anecdote.

My father read well for his age when he was in elementary school and the school double-promoted him, so he skipped over a whole year's work. He didn't like this because the older boys bullied him.

He kept doing well in his studies until he heard that the school wanted to double-promoted him again. With this he dug in his heels and dialed back how well he did until the risk passed.

One of those stories I only heard from him late in life. Ironically he became a school teacher and principal himself.

John Ray

Motivation varies but many situations are ones where motivations are high and blacks do poorly there too

In one experiment, testees were given extra time after the allowed time. The amount of extra time taken was greatest among blacks -- suggesting that their motivation was high. They still did poorly of course.

John Pepple

John Ray, thanks for responding. I'd argue about this, but it really doesn't mean that much to me anymore, as I explained at the end of my post.

John Pepple

John Ray, I should say a little bit more. In academia, I've encountered many foreign blacks who are much smarter than their American counterparts. Why? It seems that it's because they weren't hindered by the "acting white" syndrome that afflicts American blacks.

Also, in high school I could easily gauge the intelligence of my classmates. But some of these classmates came alive intellectually when they got to college and went on to do graduate work and get Ph.D.s, which I certainly wouldn't have expected of them from what I saw in high school.

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John Pepple quite appreciative thoughts of yours. We must oppose such kind of orthodox mentality.

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Uh, pardon my laziness in not going beyond looking up "adjunct" in a dictionary to determine what "the" adjunct problem is. The dictionary says only that "adjunct" is an adjective meaning "non-essential, secondary, auxiliary". Okay, so what is "the adjunct problem"? That there are too many adjunct professors in universities? Too few? A problem that is secondary to some larger problem? Definition of terms, please.

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