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Keith Burgess-Jackson

24 is a good series, John.

James Drake

The Unit is a good TV series about a special ops unit. Unfortunately it ended too soon but it's now in syndication. Another very good British series (available from Netflix) is The Sandbaggers, about MI-6. Showtime did a good series called Sleeper Cell (available from Netflix) about a Muslim, loyal to the US, who infiltrates domestic Islamist cells.

Friday Night Lights is a good TV show (now in its last season) about contemporary rural Texas.

I like Len Deighton's Cold War spy stories, which are part of an arch reaching back to Germany in WW II (see his novel Winter). He also wrote an interesting history of the failure of Britain to prepare for WW II called Blood, Tears, and Folly. Alan Furst writes excellent historically based novels set in the period just before WW II broke out.

Andrea Harris

If current British tv is anything to go by, their ambulance sirens sound just like ours, now. Boring.

John Pepple

Keith and James, thanks for the info!

Andrea, I've been to England many times in the past twenty years, but for the life of me I can't remember how their sirens sound. I arrived in London the day after 7/7 and saw a police car speed away from near the site where the bus was bombed, and it was going faster than I've ever seen any police car go, but I can't remember how its siren sounded. We're going again in October, so I'll try to pay attention then.

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