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Mark Spahn

Thank you, James Drake, for finding the article
http://www.salon.com/2007/04/12/castaneda/ .
I have heard the name Carlos Castaneda, but never read anything by him, assuming he was some kind of literary writer.
That linked-to article mentions "Tensegrity", which is described vaguely as "a movement technique he claimed had been passed down by 25 generations of Toltec shamans." I have never run across the this word except in connection with Buckminster Fuller, who coined it as short for "tensional integrity", says
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensegrity .
And I once had a tensegrity structure that looked like this:
It is a thought-provoking structure consisting of two types of structural members, some under compression (dowels) and some under tension (strings).
I wonder what, if any, the relationship is between "tensegrity" as used by Fuller and by Castaneda; did one borrow from the other?


I enjoyed reading Castaneda in the early 70s. I just never considered his works factual. I also enjoyed Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland. Didn't think they were documentaries either.


As you may know, for two years, I attended a week long seminar at the top journalism center in the U.S. Out of about 25 participants, I was the only non-liberal.

Let that sink in for a bit...

I actually liked most of the people that I met there. Many were friendly; almost all were clearly very bright. But I was utterly amazed at how much they thought was gospel - like denying gravity - that I either did not believe to be the case, or felt that skepticism was surely at least a viable viewpoint.

Obviously, global warming was part of the gospel.

Just a few days ago, one of the nicest women in the entire group who is a professor, posted something on her Facebook page. She said that she was talking with a global warming denier... and was pleasant with him and although gave him her opinions, was not "in your face" with him.

I applauded her action, and said that there actually were experts who shared this students viewpoint.

Well; you can only imagine the other comments my comments engendered!

Many lefties mock religion. But I will tell you; I have seen few of any religion who cleave to their faith like leftists do.

John Pepple

Quizikle: That sounds like a pretty healthy attitude to me.

And Peg, it's hard to believe there are still lots of people out there who believe in global warming.

Andrea Harris

Why Castaneda would tell a pointless lie about where he was born... well, it could be he thought he had a good reason (Peru has all those mystical mountain ruins while Brazil has beaches full of nearly naked women, and he was selling himself as some sort of mystic wasn't he?) but it is probably more like he was a typical liar, in that he lied about everything, compulsively, even stupid stuff no one really cared about.

John Pepple

Andrea, that would make sense if he were from Brazil and had lied and said he was from Peru, but it was the other way around. I agree, though, about compulsive liars who lie about things no one even cares about.

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