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Michael Valle

John, I love this post. I have profound sympathies with your views. I have reposted here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Conservative-and-Libertarian-Deists/176512945710739

Erik Alan Paul

You sound like me.

Mark Spahn

Two concepts you mention that I find hard to grasp: reincarnation, and worship.
Reincarnation is useless without a memory from one life to the next. If your are a reincarnation of a previous life, and have no memory of your previous life, you are operationally a different person.
And "worship" might be one of those terms that cannot be defined in more-basic terms, but it seems to be something akin to praise. The desire to be worshiped seems like a pretty un-self-sufficient, ungodlike trait.

decortication of lung

Well, that was so weird. A religion without superstition can't be told that you were so religious. But, being on that place also gives you a good personality feedback.

John Pepple

Michael: Thanks so much for your input.

John Pepple

d. of lung: I'm not at all sure what you are talking about. Could you try saying it again in different words?

John Pepple

Mark: I'm assuming that there is some unconscious memory of previous lives.

I'm not sure why you say reincarnation is useless. If I'm rich one life and poor the next, then the plan is that I won't remember my past life as a rich person, because then I would remember how I was able to become wealthier. I wouldn't really be experiencing the life of a poor person. So, there's a point to not remembering.

I'm not sure if this answers your objection, because I'm not really sure what you're getting at.

Mark Spahn

Sorry to be unclear about reincarnation.
Consider the following two cases:
[1] Reincarnation never happens.
[2] Reincarnation happens, but when you are reincarnated you have no memory of your past life.
My point is that case [1] and case [2] are indistinguishable. It makes no difference to B whether B is a completely amnesiac reincarnation of A, or is a completely separate person from A.

John Pepple

Ok, Mark, I've got it now. And my point would be that case [1] and case [2] are indistinguishable in this life, but that that doesn't mean that they are indistinguishable from God's perspective.

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