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about longchamps

Top put up. I anticipate reading alot more. Cheers

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Our pool needs to be fed using those photopages that you choose to consider worthy of becoming organ of the "Best Opinion Collection". Think it as a journal as well as a magazine about general interest proper to understand. Funny, witty, controversial, entertaining, useful, acerbic, thoughtful, serious, curious, unexpected comebacks tend to be welcome.

Mark Spahn

The preceding two notes ("Top put up" and "Opur pool needs") are fake, and certainly off-topic. What causes them? Are they computer-generated? Is this some kind of advertising, intended to get readers to click on the names of the "writers"?

John Pepple

I don't know, Mark. It seems like a waste of time to me, if it's supposed to be advertising. I used to get a lot more, but then I changed the way I allow comments, and I get a lot fewer of them.

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