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Kevin Stroup

Leftist side with the Koranimals because they side with anything that is against: (1) white people, (2) Western Civilization, (3)free market, (4) Christianity. In other words, anything that is European in origon. The average leftist is, deep down inside, a proto-fascist. They think they need to be running things and telling others how it is going to be. Why let messy things like voting get in the way. But since they do not reproduce, they will only rule for a very short time. But since they do not believe in an afterlife, it doesn't really matter what comes after them, now does it?

John Pepple

Leftists siding with Muslims still doesn't make any sense to me. Liberals and leftists in the Middle East don't do this. They resist them as hard as they can, but liberals and leftists in the West embrace them. Sheesh.

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