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Mark Spahn

I used to watch this show. It went off the air a year or two ago, didn't it? It's a dubbed-in-English version of a Japanese TV funny-stunt show (you'll see the actor/comedian Beat Takeshi at 4:11); see
The entertainment value of its English version depends almost entirely on how well-written and pun-filled the commentary is. In concept, it's kind of like the old Woody Allen movie


I miss MXC so much. Once laughed so hard I had a contact lens pop out. The seasons are available on DVD through Amazon.

John Pepple

We miss it, too. The jokes came so fast it was hard to both look at the action and listen to what they were saying.

John Pepple

Mark, it's been off longer than a year or two, sadly. I remember What's Up, Tiger Lily as not being particularly funny, compared with MXC.

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