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Phil K

It is also to condition school kids to believe that guns are evil and something to be ashamed of; similar to how they have conditioned kids to believe that smoking is evil (not just bad for you).

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I don't think you were advocating in support of the officials, but any public employee who has that set of priorities has no business drawing a public paycheck. Better the taxpayers have to fund a lawsuit defense than screw up a little kid's life.


It's called zero tolerance. One size fits all. And several other stupid rules.

It all starts with complaints of disparate treatment, one student gets suspended, this one got expelled. Well, we can't have that in the school system, so let's develop a guideline that sets out the punishment for each offense. And not to allow deviation by administrators.

My question is, then why are we paying these expensive principals and assistant principals. But it never gets answered.

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