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Mark Spahn

Thank you for this book report at
Did Tibi ever use the word "orthodox" in describing Islam versus Islamism? See
I wonder to what depth Muslims -- especially Muslims in the United States -- actually know Islam. Here is a little shibboleth to distinguish an ignorant "cradle" Muslim from a Muslim who know Islam more than superficially: The next time you converse with a Muslim, ask him what "isbaal" is. Should we practice isbaal, or should we avoid isbaal, and why?
One of my slogans is, "You can only enjoy your ignorance once", so I ask you to refrain from looking up "isbaal". Instead, learn what it is by asking a Muslim.
The concept of "isbaal" is not at all theologically difficult, but I wonder what percentage of Muslims (worldwide, and in the U.S.) can accurately describe isbaal.

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