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John McCrarey

Outstanding! Came here via Big Hominid so this is my first visit.

To be honest, you may be the only "self-critical leftist" I've ever encountered. The hypocrisy of so many on the left often leaves me shaking my head in wonder. The most recent example is the apoplectic reaction to Israel's defense against Hamas attacks with nary a peep about the far worse atrocities (crucifying Christians!) being administered by ISIS in Iraq.

Again, kudos for your bravery but it must be lonely in your role as a voice of reason on the left.

Mark Spahn

I read to nearly the end of this piece before I realized that Collabortors = jihadsymps (to borrow some John Birch-type vocabulary). And I only remembered it because I read your earlier piece proposing an alternative term for counter-jihadis = the Resistance.

John Pepple

Mark: I did give a link!

John Pepple

John: Many thanks! Yes, it's a bit lonely, especially since so many of my friends are in academia, though my wife always forestalls things by proclaiming herself a centrist. That usually shuts the liberals and leftists up. Also, I know a few academics who don't fall in with the rest of them.

I've never heard of Big Hominid, by the way. I'll have to check it out.

John McCrarey

Sorry, should have linked to Big Hominid's post that brought me here. Here it is: http://bighominid.blogspot.kr/2014/07/ave-john.html

John Pepple

Wow, thanks for the link. That's the best write-up of my blog I've ever seen!

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