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Mark Spahn

What an easy puzzle. It's a simple substitution cipher where your are given seven(!) letters to begin with: A=l, X=o, Y=n, D=g, L=b, F=e, R=w. And your clue about the date tells me that the very last word KHRABSMBA fits the pattern of Valentine. The puzzle is half-solved before you even begin.

My local paper (the Buffalo News) runs a similar syndicated puzzle called Cryptoquip, where only one letter is given (not that that is really needed). Here is the Cryptoquip for 2/14/15:





I have not looked at this puzzle until now, but I notice
(1) The fourth word looks spookily Islamic.
(2) The single-letter word J is either I or A,
and the JA JZZ* hints at something like AN APP*.
(3) YN'K and YCK are similar, but YCK=the leads nowhere, nor does YN'K=it's.
(4) But YN'K=he's and YCK=his is consistent, and promising.
(5) So let's try this, in which case the first word is RYN=?HE, making R=t.
(6) Then the last three words (which are probably the pun of this quip) are "his DetaV heaVth", which make V either r or l. Let's try V=l, which leads to "his Detal health". Aha, that suggests "his metal health",
a pun on "mental health" applied to a robot.
(The clue says "Y equals H", but I ignored this clue.)

I'll let you solve the rest (I haven't yet solved it.)
Sometimes I solve these Cryptoquips without writing anything down (while taking a walk).

Steve Burri

Got it.


I love logic puzzles. I coach a jr high team (12-14 years old) in logic for their academic decathlon competition. But this type of code breaking I find more tedious than enjoyable.

Ann Murray

After writing it out a second time I saw the word EVERY in AKAFO !!! Meanwhile, I had written out all the two letter possibilities . . In columns . . Putting some of the words next to each other to create similar word patterns and one thing led to the other . . oh . . and the names are always helpful . . There are only so many poisibilities once you get a few . . and should you really be stuck - just google some of the words you already have.

John Pepple

Yes, I should have noticed EVERY in there, but I think I got hung up on the beginning words. It seemed like nothing would fit in there. Just the other day I had one with EVERY in it, but it was at the beginning, so I picked up on it right away.

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