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Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

Astronomical distances would make a good example of epistemology. Start with Eratosthenes and how he determined the size of the Earth. Then the relative and actual distances between Earth and Moon and Earth and Sun. Then distance to the nearest stars by parallax (the fact that the background to a star is different as seen from the opposite sides of Earth's orbit around the Sun). Then inference from quasars and other objects observed in farther-off stars. The last method strikes me as the most doubt-worthy.
Has anyone ever written an article or book on this subject?

John Pepple

It seems very likely that someone has, but I am not aware of it. It would probably be someone in the philosophy of science.

Ben Landon

The difference between Astronomy and Climate Science is clear: Astronomy is science, and Climate Science has become a religion. Science cannot have heretics and apostates, but religion can.

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