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The article written by Jason Hill falls into the category of 'factually correct, but functionally useless.' One cannot rebuttal against the man who's mind cannot be changed. There are too many people who hail from conditions as poor if not poorer than Hill's who have been able to achieve The Dream.

The problem of today is that many believe reaching the dream should not involve struggle or sacrifice or opposition. If you were to look into the lives of those individuals for whom the Dream was deferred, you can readily identify what decisions led them to the place they are in their lives.

And to be frank, I question what kind of dream was denied as for a man who writes for Atlantic Magazine, Marvel Comics and has a couple of NYT best selling books. I know one thing, for all of his ranting about the unfairness of America, you know damn well he doesn't live on the South Side of Chicago or anyplace remote like that.

John Pepple

Yes, it gets tiresome hearing these people complain when, as you say, they are privileged enough to write for the Atlantic. And while I could be wrong (since I don't really pay much attention to him), I assume he can't write about much of anything except race here in America.

Charles N. Steele

Of course, Hill's piece wasn't really written for Coates - Coates whining is just a foil for Hill's important and beautifully stated insights.

What strikes me as bizarre about Coates is what a self-described loser he is. Apparently in his thinking he's powerless and only white people can set him free. This reminds me of feminists who deny females can have agency. Victimhood and bitterness seem to be the main things the modern left have to offer. I far prefer Hill's message of self-affirmation, self-reliance, and benevolence towards others.

Jim Slagle

You might like Dallas Willard's essay, "The Absurdity of Thinking in Language," which is online at http://www.dwillard.org/articles/artview.asp?artID=11

John Pepple

I do like it, and thanks for pointing it out to me.

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