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Maya M

I think that it is unimportant what Trump meant. The crux of the matter is, Warren claims that she is of Native American descent in an age when academia are pressed to promote minority members, and it seems that it helped her career; and she is still touted as ethically blameless and wants to boss around the Americans. I think that it is bad enough when affirmative action makes less competent minority members displace better candidates, but it becomes complete travesty when the system is abused by lily white cheaters.


Actually, "Pocahontas" is not even a slur, it is just the name of a famous Native American. Trump's use of it is like calling the fake veteran in your example "General MacArthur," not a slightly disparaging term like "soldier boy."


I think it would have been more effective if the President had used the first term coined to call into question her heritage.

Fauxahontas clearly lays out the nature of her claim and while sounding similar to the historical person is clearly not related.

Charles N.Steele

Your point that leftists can't even identify their opponents' actual positions is one of the most telling charges against them. That's proof of intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Jim Pratt

For nearly 60 years I believed I was about part Indian. Sorry about that term but being born in 1948 I did not grow up playing cowboys and Native Americans. My dad said a female ancestor was an Indian princess. His cousin claimed to have a picture of her in full regalia. I took the ancestry test 2 years ago, it turn out I do not have a drop of non European blood in me. Mostly Western European 83% and smaller amounts of Eastern European, Scandanavian, Irish and Brit. Never tried to get any advantage from my supposed ancestry just wanted to supply my curiosity.

John Pepple

I was born in 1951, and we played cowboys and Indians a lot. Oddly enough, I never remember anyone being shamed for ending up on the Indian side.

I, too, took a DNA test a couple years ago. I found out I was likely part Polish and a smidgeon East Asian, neither of which my parents ever knew about.

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